The perfect lighting for kitchen countertops

February 22, 2022

Transform your kitchen into an oasis of inspiration with the perfect lighting. At Cocinahogar, we understand that every detail matters, especially when choosing lighting for your countertops. Discover our innovative solutions, such as the 'Focus on' lamp by Arrital, which combines design and functionality. Make your kitchen a unique and welcoming space with our help!


Our kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our home, so we must take care of every detail to achieve a comfortable, functional, and… why not? Inspiring space. In this regard, at Cocinahogar, we know that choosing the lighting for the kitchen is especially important within the design of these spaces. Today, specifically, we want to talk to you about the lighting for kitchen countertops, which plays a key role, as it not only helps facilitate the work of those who use it but also contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere.

What should the lighting for kitchen countertops be like?

As we were saying, this type of lighting is very important in the design of any kitchen. First, because it facilitates the work of whoever is cooking. Therefore, it must be directional and intense, so that all foods, utensils, and tools can be clearly seen while cooking.

Lamps for kitchen countertop lighting

Need examples? One of the lamps we love to use is the ‘Focus on’ lamp from  Arrital, from our kitchen range. And what makes it special? Its design lighting system!

The ‘Focus on’ lamp has a sliding rail that allows dynamic movement of the light over the countertop. The LED lamp’s battery recharges itself by positioning the lamp at the end of the rail in the off position.

More ideas? Our Lympha hanging lighting system. Highly customizable according to the color of your kitchen and with dual functionality: it illuminates your worktop and the ceiling by diffusion.

Different Ways to Properly Illuminate Your Kitchen

In addition to the lighting we mentioned earlier, you should also consider other lighting elements to install on the exterior part of your kitchen furniture. These lighting systems are usually visible from the outside and provide diffuse lighting, but are highly incredible if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in this space!

Can’t decide and would you like to create a unique space in your kitchen? At Cocinahogar, we can advise you on how to illuminate the kitchen in your home and much more.

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