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Explore our blog for inspiration and tips on kitchen design. From choosing materials for countertops to deciding on the type of appliances, we offer ideas to transform your kitchen into a cozy, modern, and functional space.


Why choose the Arrital brand in Granada for your kitchen design

Imagine Your Future Kitchen! At Cocinahogar, we immerse you in the philosophy of Arrital, a leader in design and sustainability. With over 40 years of innovation, our kitchens offer unparalleled quality. Discover in Granada an endless variety of options that adapt to your tastes and needs. Design your ideal space with us!

The perfect lighting for kitchen countertops

Transform your kitchen into an oasis of inspiration with the perfect lighting. At Cocinahogar, we understand that every detail matters, especially when choosing lighting for your countertops. Discover our innovative solutions, such as the 'Focus on' lamp by Arrital, which combines design and functionality. Make your kitchen a unique and welcoming space with our help!

Family cooking: chicken with mustard and white wine

Discover a delicious recipe at Cocinahogar! Prepare chicken with mustard in white wine, easy and quick with the help of the little ones at home. Simple ingredients and easy steps. Ideal for enjoying with family or as a couple.

What material to choose for your kitchen countertop?

Discover the best materials for your countertop at Cocinahogar. From granite, resistant and durable, to Silestone, which combines hardness and aesthetics. Find the balance between resistance and style when choosing. Make your kitchen a unique and functional space with the perfect countertop!

White and wood kitchens

Discover the harmony between white and wood in kitchens at Cocinahogar. White provides brightness and cleanliness, while wood brings warmth and a rustic or vintage touch. This combination, typical of Scandinavian style, adapts to various designs. Get inspired to create a cozy and modern kitchen.

White or metallic appliances for your kitchen?

Choose between white or metallic appliances for your kitchen with advice from Cocinahogar. Metallic ones bring modernity and adapt to any style, especially for bright kitchens. White ones are ideal for highlighting colors or for Nordic and shabby chic styles. For rustic or industrial environments, opt for stainless steel for a perfect aesthetic contrast.


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